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A’s 3rd Birthday

25 Jun

So there is really no confessional to go along with this post today. Well, maybe one. This was our last at home birthday party.There I said it. There are a lot of reasons behind that statement but it really just boils down to us needing more space to comfortable be able to host a party and keep all guests can be entertained and feel comfortable. There are just too many people and children to squeeze into a Toronto sized bungalow, and as A gets older and wants to actually invite more friends we just aren’t able to comfortably accommodate them and make sure everyone feels included. So next year it is off to an indoor playground. YAY! 

I love my parents and their willingness to host A’s parties thus far but I found myself stretched thin this past weekend trying to keep the children entertained in the basement while the adults ate and drank outside. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t eaten anything until after we had finished opening gifts and we were cleaning up in the kitchen.

Maybe its time i take a page out of the Canadian parent handbook and forgo the family bbq’s and opt into pizza parties at your local playground. I can still focus on a theme but someone else would be in charge of setting up and cleaning up and every other up in between! 

Ok. Enough about next year. Lets get to this years fun! Everyone had a blast (I hope) at least the children did, with the Eloise theme. A has been in love with Eloise since her auntie gave her the original Eloise cartoon movie for Christmas last year. Since then Eloise is watched at least once a week in our house and A has the Eloise dolls to go along with her obsession. 

I apologize for lack of pictures but i just didn’t get a chance to take more… 


The wall behind the desert table was decorated with some homemade pink poofs as well as the home made banner and Eloise word bubbles surrounding a pic of A.


The cake was the highlight of the party and decorations. I took two cakes that i found on pinterest and combined the best of both worlds. It was made by a friend who has been making all of A’s cakes since she was born. It was a pound cake with a Dulce Leche filling and everything including Eloise, Weenie and Skipperdee was edible. ImageImageAt the front door as well as the side gate we had banners welcoming guests to the festivities. ImageImage

And the desert table had more sweets than you could have ever eaten…all Pink to boot! ImageImage

I had made place cards for the different food items but with the chaos of the day i completely forgot to put them out but everything still looked awesome. We also had pink balloons with white polka-dots surrounding the table.

It was a great theme to do and we even had one guest come dressed up as Eloise! 

Truly a magical third birthday. Thank you to all who came and helped us celebrate three amazing years! 

For those curious, here is the invite we made and sent out!