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Confession #4 – I’m a readaholic…always have been always will be.

8 Jan

It should come as no surprise to those of you that know me that I love to read. I have loved to read since I was in elementary school (middle school for the Americans amongst us). Back then it was weekly trips to the local library to satisfy my thirst for a new juicy romance novel. Of course back then it was Sweet Valley High and Sunset Beach instead of Fifty Shades of Grey that used to fill my bookshelves. Don’t get me wrong though, I still had a social life and enjoyed going out with friends but with money not growing from a tree in the backyard of our small 2 bedroom apartment, the library offerings made for a great way to pass the time when there was nothing fun to do outside.

This is one of the things I hope to pass along to A. As it is she loves to read; currently it’s Robert Munch’s Paper bag Princess and Mortimer that is on her must have list and all I can do for now is to keep encouraging her to pick up books and read them to her Dollies.

I used to read regularly until I gave birth to A almost 3 years ago. I had over 2 bookshelves backed to the brim with amazing chick-lit and romance novels that would be read and re-read when the mood would strike. I purged a lot of that when we moved, and by purged I mean I passed them along to my sister and they now reside on a bookshelf in my old bedroom at my parents. After I had A I barely had time to eat, never mind to read. My mind was all baby all the time and somewhere along the line I lost my will to read. 😦 And then I went back to work and I really had no time to read…my day would go something like this: wake-up, get A up and bring her to the sitters, go to work, pick up A from sitter, go home, feed and bathe A, feed and bathe myself, put A down, crash while attempting to watch the latest episode of Greys. That all changed this past year.

I joined an amazing team of women working on a new project at our company and there I met my book buddy Brandi. Brandi is an amazing mom to 3 amazing boys(although I have only met the youngest) and she loved reading. We started our book swapping with Fifty Shades of Grey. I had seen a post of Perez about this trilogy and how it was going to be the next big thing to sweep the country. I asked Brandi if she had heard of it and she hadn’t but then she ended up picking up the books and we were instantly hooked. After Fifty came Bared to you…again a Perez recommendation…hehehe and from there the rest is history. Where am I going with this again? oh ya! I discovered a new author these past few months that I absolutely had to share!!!

With my new-found book buddy I fell back in love with books and started to make time for myself and this renewed love. After my diagnosis, reading became my escape. It was a way to forget the outside world and my disease and escape into a world of fantasy and thrills. I’ll never forget lying in the hospital bed waiting for my diagnosis and trying to bribe my sister into stopping off at Indigo before going to pick up A from school to pick me up Fifty Shades of Darker. Nothing sucks more than a cliff hanger at the end of a book and not having the continuation…lol

So now I read almost every night and troll the internet for reviews of great books. There are A LOT of really good books that Brandi and I have discovered. She has introduced me to so many great authors and in those authors I have found that I LOVE LOVE LOVE any kind of plot line that involves SEALS, FBI, MARINES and SPECIAL OPS…oh my Lordy…any kind of bad boy out to rid the world of scum and take charge of “any” situation books. Oh and tattooed biker gods are also great 😉

Where was I again?? oh ya…the point of this post…my new favorite author…Kristen Ashley. I first discovered her when Brandi asked me if I had read Motorcycle Man. It had made the list of finalists for best romance novels of 2012 on Good Reads. I hadn’t read it but added it to my gotta read list. I was at a lull in my reading around November and downloaded the Dream Man Series on the iPad (Motorcycle Man is the 4th in the series) and I fell in love! Each book juicier than the last. Seriously go download them ladies because they are Fan-F$%king-Tabulous! It’s a shame they aren’t available in paperback yet…hopefully soon.

So this week I was hit with a nasty flu bug that has made its way through almost everyone in the family and was bedridden with only crappy tv to watch. Seriously…how do housewives do it? Daytime tv SUCKS! There is only so many episodes of ‘You are Not the father’  that I can watch before going comatose. So naturally I began trolling the internet for good reviews and recommendations of what to read. My usual searches of what to read after turned up nothing…well nothing that I hadn’t already read and then I decided to start googling past authors that I have previously read before….and that’s when I can upon Kristen’s Rock Chick Series! I didn’t think she could do better than the Dream Man Series but she has and boy are they good. So please…if you haven’t yet read her books…go out and grab one and hopefully fall in love with a new author just like I did.

There is nothing better than discovering a new author and crying and laughing along with the book. Reading is a magical journey that everyone should discover and take part in. So if you haven’t yet found a book that makes you want to not put it down…what is wrong with you?! Message me and I will get you on the right path!

The only upside to being sidelined with the flu? Being able to read amazing books in between fever induced cat naps.

’till next time